About us

natrapak – packing nature into bottles

We are believers of being pro-active with our health rather than reactive. We give our cars “warranty of fitness” checks every six months, so we must learn to give our bodies a yearly check if we want to stay in good health.

ZeoZone (our first product) was a blend of Magnesium Orotate and Zeolite.  Since then, we have had a changed of partners and have now come to a point where we can ‘begin” again.

After much investigating and testing of the New Zealand Zeolite, we now a packaging it for Animal Health under the name of NatraPet, along beside Natra-Ag which is used as a natural fertiliser.

We are sourcing a suitable Clinoptilolite Zeolite to use in our NatraMin – TMA Zeolite powder or NatraZone – TMA Zeolite and Magnesium Chloride liquid formula.  This will take time, and look forward to being able to supply again.

Talk soon!