Paws Pet Litter Story

Paws Pet Litter - Story

Nearly twenty-five years, ago New Zealand Geologist Dr Ray Merchant and a colleague began a search for rocks containing the mineral zeolite, a mineral which they knew had been used successfully in products throughout the United States, including pet litter. They got lucky near Rotorua and discovered zeolite deposits and a quarry was established.

Fast forward to ten years ago, Dr Merchant had the idea to produce a high quality, environmentally safe, manufactured pet litter. People close to Dr Merchant were confused, thinking he had flipped his lid, but as Dr Merchant loved cats (he had five fur-babies of his own!) he felt like he was on to a winner. He had become frustrated with the current quality of pet litter, so he began to imagine a product that he knew he could produce a product that performed far better than other products on the market. He came up with the concept using his knowledge of zeolite coupled with locally sourced recycled fibre (paper) and held together in a unique composite structure.

Dr Merchant began experimenting in his shed. It was a very small shed, so out went the lawnmower, garden tools and his wife's push-bike. He spent countless hours developing the pet litter, but after various failures he gave up. Dr Merchant produced what appeared to be a fantastic product, but one that failed when production was up-scaled. His frustration continued until 2013, when a chance conversation with his son-in-law, an engineer by trade, aroused his curiosity again.

Dr Merchant had struggled with the process, especially in finding suitable ingredients to allow the in-scale manufacture of this new pet litter, and with tenacity and now with the help of his son-in-law, he finally realized his dream.

The only issue facing them was the size of the shed in which he worked. Dr Merchant had to acquire a garage big enough for the larger machinery. In 2014, the small production team set up a pilot scale plant to produce his pet litter. With the use of the right machinery and hours spent perfecting the ideal product, they were highly satisfied at the results. And so, Dr Merchant felt it was time to introduce this exceptional product to the "world" of pet lovers.

"We, at Fibre Mineral Technology Limited are proud to introduce PAWS Pet Litter, a litter that animals love and most importantly, is safe to use."

Dr Merchant and the FMTL team were actively producing PAWS Pet Litter from a small factory, and for now why not support local innovation and regional manufacture and five your support to PAWS Pet Litter?

In late 2021, after a long struggle with sourcing raw materials, Covid-19, and health problems, Dr Ray has had to sell his business. But that is not the end of Dr Ray, he is now helping NatraPak NZ in creating new products based on Zeolite.

Watch this space!