Zeolite for The Alphabet Kids

Zeolite for The Alphabet Kids by Dr Michael Sichel (DO,ND,PhD)

Autism, OCD, NOS, Asperger, ADD, ODD, ADHD, RETTS, PDD - Rid You Child of Heavy Metals

"Zeolite is an unusual and therapeutically exciting, non-toxic mineral now used in chelation. It has extraordinary ability to absorb, hold, release, and exchange different chemicals, nutrients, toxins and ions according to need.

Zeolite is formed from the silicon component of volcanic ash. Zeolite is unique and posses some superior characteristics. The major mineral of Zeolite is clinoptilolite, which is a calcium, potassium, magnesium, alum-inosilicate.

Zeolite is unusually low in sodium. It is excellent in water filtration applications. The chelating ability of Zeolite lies in its unique internally porous atomic structure that provides a very open framework with a network of pores giving it a large surface area (up to 450m/g) and high porosity (up to 45%) for trapping toxic metals and other toxins without any change in structure. It carries a negative charge balanced by freely moving cations with positive charges. This also provides an ideal trap for poisons like ammonia (a by- product of protein digestion). In fact, it is sometimes used in agriculture for just that reason. Its biological activity reduces odours, and generally de-toxifies. Zeolite can also slowly release its 'good' minerals - like calcium, potassium and magnesium. This counters the loss of these essential mineral nutrients to other forms of chelation.

Taking one (or two) teaspoons of Zeolite daily in water, away from meals, alkalises, which can bind stomach (if too much). This mineral stores toxins inside its 'cellular cage' system and takes them to the bowel exit, and so chelates without side effects."

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