NatraPet - TMAZ ' Zeolite Powder

NatraPet powder has a role in:

' improving digestion

' promotes healthy skin, vibrant coat and strong nails

' aid's the immue system to funtion efficiently

' trap's and removes heavy metals

' reduces odours

' assists in improving the absorption of nutrients

' can be sprinkled on to bedding

The New Zealand Zeolite is a naturally formed mineral, created when volcanic rock and ash meet alkaline water.

Ball-milling and jet-milling are the conventional methods of micronising and activating zeolite, however they produce a far less efficient product. TMAZ ' Zeolite Powder has taken zeolite to the next level.

The benefits of TMAZ ' technology include producing zeolite that is more reactive, has an increased surface area, and a more efficient particle shape and size.

Although, there is no current option to certify rock minerals as organic, TMAZ ' Zeolite Powder is accepted for input into organic production.
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